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Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Agenda for today

  1. Kick-Off question.

  2. Mindfulness

  3. Inspiration Notebook

  4. Procreate Illustration...

  5. Reflect

Due today

  • Vector Illustration Lesson



Kick-off Question Picture


Kick-Off Question of the day:

What is the short cut—what do you press on the keyboard—to zoom in and out of an image?


Mindfulness - Rumi




A Guest House

TODAY write in your Mindfulness journal.

Here is your Journal topic for today: CLICK HERE.

Insperation Notebook


Inspiration Notebook







This weeks’ example:


Belfast peace wall mural


This is a beautiful piece!

I am drawn to the red silk fabric: the complex folds flow and shimmer and are totally believable and grab my attention. Her wild thick hair and smooth skin wonderfully contrast with the silk.

The gesture of her hand and questioning look makes it feel like we caught her by surprise deep in thought.

What is the question that she has for us?

How can we calm her doubts?




ee Procreate: Illustration Assignment


Click here...





Learning Log Picture

Reflect on Learning:

What is something that you learned or were confused about today?

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