SCIENCE NOTES is written and illustrated by the students in the Science Communication Gradute Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Cruz.


Would you Like Fries with that?
Scientists search for the perfect fench fry.

Emily Sohn Words
Claire Emory Pictures

The Plow and the Satellite

A new computer-controlled tractor leaves the driving to the Global Positioning System.

Caroline Seydel Words
Erin Herzog Pictures



Cheers for Chocolate!
New research shows that chocolate may be good for you.

Becky Oskin Words
Carol Schriner Pictures

Surely you
are joking,
Mr. Goldberg
Software engineers use a humorous approach to teach computers how to predict our tastes.

Regina Kirchweger Words
Emma Skurnick Pictures

In Search of Small Planets
The hunt for Earth-like planets outside our solar system will gain a powerful new tool when NASA scientists and engineers launch the satellite-borne Kepler telescope.

Jessa Netting Words
Peter Gaede Pictures



Cooking 101
The search for the origin of life leads scientists back to the kitchen to discover life's first ingredient.

Catherine Zandonella Words
Kimberlee Heldt Pictures

Lizards and Labor Unions
Game theory sheds new light on age-old conflicts from animal mating behavior to the never-ending tussle between workers and managers.

Reto Kohler Words
Adrienne Smucker Pictures

Lighting up the Lab
Scientists are harnessing the natural glow of bacteria and fireflies to illuminate everything from diseases to dolphins.

Anna Davison Words
Cleo Vilett Picture

What Controls Nerve Growth?
Impelled by the tragic plight of paralyzed victims of spinal-cord injuries, scientists move ever closer to unlocking the mysteries of nerve development and regeneration.

Anil Ananthaswamy Words
Jennifer Johansen Pictures



Only the Lonely
Long periods of isolation, whether in the deep-freeze of Antarctica or the vast reaches of space, urge the mind to certain transformations.

Maggie McKee Words
Janice Bridgman Pictures




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The students hold the copyright to the text and images. Please negotiate reproduction rights directlywith the writer and illustrator of any story you may wish to reproduce. You may email the Program for grads' email addresses:



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