Parent and School Staff Collaborations

Family Library Corner. Families, community members and school staff are encouraged include multicultural literature.

Multicultural Resource Fair. The school could sponsor or host a multicultural resource fair, and invite suppliers of multicultural books, toys, games, art, music, videos, and software programs to share information about their services with parents. The resource fair could expose parents to a wealth of multicultural resources and provide them with an opportunity to purchase these resources.

Family Resource Center. A place where families and community members have access to informational resources on parenting, education, family issues, language resources and much more. As well as counseling and therapy with professionals and opportunities to meet with other families of parents who may have similar concerns

Supporting Parental Participation in the Decision. Making Processes, a list of topics on decision-making and decision-making processes:
Parental Input in Planning and Implementing the Classroom Curriculum
Parents' Participation in the School's Multicultural Curriculum

Interactive Family Learning Nights. A night a month (whatever works for school schedule) where families come together and engage in hands on problem solving activities as well as multicultural awareness activities, performances, culture and food.

Multicultural Newsletter for Parents. Parents can participate, via rotating schedule, to be a part of the production process of bulletin.

The Classroom Family Read-along Program. Teachers may invite parents and other family members to come for a weekly one-hour session in which they read multicultural literature to their child, using the strategies that they learned from the workshops.