Community Workshops

Parent Hosted Workshops
Parents may sign up individually, in pairs or groups to host a topic that addresses knowledge appropriate and beneficial for parent and community populations.

  • Spanish Classes
  • English Classes
  • Other language courses
  • Conversational Courses (practice language skills with other parents)
  • Experiences as a parent- what works with children and what doesn’t- discussions on obstacles, problems or challenges as a parent- collaborative community of knowledge


Parent Workshops
Hosted by volunteers: teachers, community members, partnerships)

  • Developing self-esteem and confidence in children
  • Choosing an approach to discipline that works
  • Chores and developing responsibility
  • Bullying and how to foster compassion in children—how Parents Can Help the Targets, the Bullies, and the Bystanders.
  • Temper tantrums, communication and conflict
  • Self-care and balancing work and home
  • Responding to Diverse Learning Styles at home
  • Fostering Social Competence in Young Children
  • Discussing Diversity with Young Children
  • Raising Responsible Children
  • Friendship and Social Confidence


Teacher (or administrative) Hosted Workshops

  • Validating Students’ Culture in the Classroom
  • Working Together: School and Home
  • Multicultural Education Teaching Strategies
  • A Critical Understanding of Multicultural Education