Staff and administration

Staff and administration information from several schools in the Santa Cruz/Watsonville area was gathered and analized.

Four out of the five schools investigated were charter schools:

  • Watsonville Charter School of the Arts
  • Alianza Charter School
  • Linscott Charter School
  • Pacific Coast Charter School

The other was a public K-5 school in Santa Cruz:

  • Westlake Elementary School

Mostly charter schools in the Watsonville area were examined because our ideal school is to be a charter school in the same area. We chose to focus on these schools because our school and students will have similar needs to those of the other charter schools in Watsonville. The schools investigated all included at least Kindergarten through 5th grade. No high schools were included because the administration of a high school would be likely be different than that of our ideal K-6 school.

Phone calls were made to the principals of three of these schools—some schools did not answer and/or did not return my phone call. The following questions were asked:

  • What is the hierarchy in your school?
  • What are the job descriptions of the positions in the hierarchy?
  • How is your school board run?
  • Do you think your system is effective, and if not what suggestions do you have to improve it?

All other information was obtained off the school websites (references).