Schools Utilized for the Administration Model

Watsonville Charter School of the Arts
(831) 728-8123
Serves approximately 200 students in grades K-8
Office Manager
Office Assistant
Volunteer Coordinator
School Counselor


Alianza Charter School
(831) 728-6333
            Bilingual school K-8.
Principal (Michael Jones)- organizes resources of school, personnel and facilities, student achievement
Campus safety coordinator-student discipline
Community liaison- organizes events and is liaison between school and community
Variety of leadership:
Leadership groups- grade level representatives elected by colleagues meet every two weeks to discuss school operations and logistical matters
Alianza governing council- board composed of half parents and half grade level representatives
Open door committee- principal, special education head, migrant education head, academic language develop head
                        After school program coordinator
Suggestions- assistant principal-oversaw counseling and student affairs; two professional development personnel- one on upper grades; one lower grades


Linscott Charter School
(831) 728-6301
Serves 218 students in grades K-8
Administrative Director –Principal; Site Management Team's chief executive officer and with the SMT to develop and execute the policies of the SMT; works with Finance Coordinator to develop the annual budget and supervises all aspects of business activities of the school; leads in the area of curriculum improvement; administers and supervises the entire K-8 school and its employees; promotes and maintains relationship with Linscott community, the community at large and with the Pajaro Valley Unified School District
Facilities Manager
Office Manager
Administrative Assistant- enrollment coordinator
Network Administrator
Site Management Team- Made up of an equal number of parents (elected) and staff, plus the Administrative Director
Oversees operation of the school, including setting budget priorities. In addition, each class elects a parent representative, who acts as a liaison between the class and the SMT.

Pacific Coast Charter School
(831) 786-2180
            Serves 285 students in grades K-12
Personalized learning-independent study
Principal (Vicki Carr)- oversees school operations; work with handful of students
Office manager- handles enrollment and registration, attendance, transcripts, student cumulative folders; permanent record folders for students; communication letters, news letters; paperwork for field trips; phone calls
Office assistant- second office manager
Part-time specialists
Technology specialist- supervise assessment process, media and library
Governing council- meets monthly; composed of teachers, parents, community members, representatives from grade levels (don’t have to be leadership team members);
Leadership teams –K- 5 representative; 6-8 representative, and 9-12 representative; plan events at school; discuss school issues; plan staff meetings; organize data teams and committees
Grade level meetings- leadership team members share info with grade level teams
Report to district once a year
School full of leaders- idea from sources other than principal
Suggestions- Too many groups for scheduling purposes, takes away from teaching time and planning for teaching time

Westlake Elementary School
(831) 429-3878
            Santa Cruz
            Serves K-5 students


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